In the shadow of the mountains, at short distance from the sounds of the sea, with a vibrant desert landscape all around us, we visualize a space for yoga and well-being. This space will be a welcoming environment for healing, with its roots in a community of people who want to prove that it is possible to live happily, sustainably, and with presence. The physical space for this community will be built with these principles in mind, using both ancient techniques and modern technology to make a positive, rather than negative, impact on the environment. We won't be isolated, instead we will seek to make our space symbiotic with the communities around it, fostering healthy practices and self-empowerment for our neighbors and visitors.

Sketch of houses by the mountains

Yoga Maya doesn't seek to become an ideal, or a utopia, because we know that every community faces its challenges and that no one way of living can claim to be the perfect way. Instead, our vision is to always learn and evolve with time, so that our space doesn't stay static.

The vision is a place where everything is designed and established to facilitate and celebrate the choice of people to make their lives better. We see problems of violence and suffering in the world in every type of country, and we believe that one way to spark a change is to present an alternative. What is most important in our goal is an alternative way of life that leads to peace and well-being in the body and mind.

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